Tasks performed in Autumn and Winter 2017

Recovered two Sidetracks of 40 m length, with good core recovery, Dismantling of the site almost complete.

From August to November 2017, engineers have completed the dismantling of the remaining drillholes at the Pilot Site Ketzin.

Wellhole Ktzi Hy P300 has been closed in November 2017. It was the last of the 5 drillholes that was still available for fluid-sampling. The casing of the borehole, and surface installations have been removed. Dismantling of the entire site (removal of the asphalt cover etc) lasted until late November 2017.

Furthermore drillers recovered two sidetracks in the lowermost third of the drillhole Ktzi 203. The sidetracks originate at the depth of the rocks that comprise the CO2-storage layer. The inclined sidetracks were 40m long. These rocks are now being studied by scientists.