Exhibition launch

Research activities at CO2 storage pilot site Ketzin

On Sunday, May 17 2015, the mayor of the city of Ketzin/Havel, opened an exhibition of the GFZ Centre for Geological Storage CGS in the tourist centre and museum of the city, on the storage of CO2 at pilot site Ketzin.

In the presence of numerous guests and visitors mayor Bernd Lück underlined the importance of the pilot site beyond its scientific aspects: "The successful scientific work brought numerous national and international guests to the pilot site in Ketzin and thereby promoted the city internationally". Dr. Axel Liebscher, leading scientist at CGS, emphasized the trusting and constructive but at the same time critical supervision and collaboration within the project with citizens and politicians of the city of Ketzin: "Without this trusting but critical collaboration of the different stakeholders, scientific pilot projects and field experiments like those in Ketzin are not conceivable".

The exhibition at pilot site Ketzin runs until September 20, 2015.

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