Injection of brine at the pilot site

On October 12, 2015, another scientific experiment at the Pilot site Ketzin has been started. In the next weeks larger quantities of brine (concentrated saline solution) are injected, into the CO2 storage horizon in a depth of approximately 645 m.

The composition of the brine conforms to the original and natural composition of the brine in the aquifer before the CO2 injection was carried out.
The experiment aims at the simulation of the natural back flow in fast motion in the reservoir horizon and to exactly document the processes in the pore spaces of the reservoir rock by means of geophysical methods.

Furthermore, it is examined at the same time whether an injection of brine, which leads to a local displacement of the stored CO2, is suitable as a possible remediation technique in case of a CO2 leakage in the borehole area. (M. Wipki, GFZ)