Seismic repeat survey completed

The third 3D seismic repeat survey for monitoring the CO2 stored in the Stuttgart-Formation was acquired between August 31 and November 16, 2015. The survey was acquired within a collaboration of GFZ and Uppsala University with the contractors DMT (seismisc source, topo survey) and GTPro (permitting). The seismic source used for this survey was an accelerated weight-drop which was operated on about 6000 source points. The active geophone spread consisted of 240 stations which were deployed in 34 overlapping template, covering a total amount of roughly 5000 receiver points on 40 lines. The size of the acquisition area is approximately 11 km². The acquired seismic data are now being processed and will in the near future enable us to delineate the spatial distribution of the CO2 stored in the Stuttgart-Formation. (Stefan Lüth)