Field experiment „brine injection“ successfully completed

The scientific experiment "brine injection" ended successfully on 6th of January, 2016. Since Mid-October 2015, the total amount of approximately 2,900 tonnes of brine was continuously injected into the CO2 storage horizon (Stuttgart Formation) in Ketzin. A large data volume was gained by means of geoelectrical methods which will be evaluated in the next weeks.
Goal of the field experiment is to quantify how much of the CO2 in the pore space has been displaced by the new injected brine. The difference between the displacement of natural brine by CO2 and vice versa the displacement of CO2 by brine (hysteresis effect) is another interesting issue which will be thoroughly investigated.
Moreover, the experiment also serves to assess whether the injection of brine is suitable as one of several remediation techniques in the near wellbore zone in case of a leakage. >> More details
(M. Wipki, GFZ)