COMPLETE project presented in Cape Town

Our project has been presented on August 31, 2016 at the 35th  International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa (session T22. 7 - Carbon capture and storage – From reservoir through the full value chain). In total, 4,000 delegates from 117 countries presented their scientific results on different topics.
The separation and storage of CO2 have been considering for quite some time in South Africa because almost 90 percent of South Africa`s electricity is generated in coal-fired power stations which emit about 400 million tons of CO2 per year (South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage-SACCCS). In comparison, the 134 coal-fired power stations in Germany release 310 million tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere (status 2008, source: Oxfam).
On May 27, 2015 a delegation from South Africa and partners from GIZ and BMWi already visited GFZ in order to gather on-site information about CCS at the Pilot Site Ketzin. (M. Wipki)